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Rebar Weight Calculator

We've put together a handy online tool for calculating the weight of rebar, you can easily get the individual and combined weights for your next project. Rebar (reinforcing bar) is usually available in industry standard sizes which makes it possible for us to calculate the weight, simply enter the lengths and quantities you need and the tool will do the calculations.

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Rebar Calculator

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More About Rebar

What is a Rebar?

Rebar is either in the form of a steel reinforcement bar or a mesh of steel wires and is used in reinforced structures to hold and strengthen the concrete, it also reduces the tension placed on the concrete. Rebars have been used in the construction of reinforced structures for more than 500 years, and are still widely being used.

Usage of Rebar

Concrete is a highly compressible material but it lacks the capacity to withstand tension. To compensate for this lack, rebars are cast into the concrete for effectively bearing the tensile loads. Rebars not only support the entire design load of the structures, but also aid in the durability by resisting cracks in the surface and resisting the stress caused by external factors such as temperature and shrinkage.

Characteristics of Rebar

Steel and concrete have similar coefficients of thermal expansion; thus a concrete structure with rebars will experience a minimal stress because of similar expansions of the two materials caused by any changes in temperature. Extra care needs to be taken while transporting and handling these bars because any damage will reduce the long-term corrosion resistance.

Placement of Rebars

Rebar cages are made using hydraulic benders and shears, and can be made either on-site or off-site. The rebars are placed using either steel fixers or concrete reinforcing iron workers. Plastic rebar spacers are used to keep the rebar separate from the concrete framework, ensuring proper embedment. The rebars can be tied together using a variety of mediums such as electric rebar tier, spot welding, mechanical connections, and tying steel wire. Epoxy coated or galvanized wire is used for tying epoxy coated and galvanized rebars. For safety purposes, the projecting ends of rebars are often bent or covered with special steel-reinforced plastic caps.