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The Lemon Story

The Lemon Story

When you want to get to know someone better today, looking back at what they were up to yesterday can help. So while Lemon is focused firmly on the future, we can for a brief moment afford a momentary glance back.

Lemon, Barry Lemon that is, was a hard working gentleman who fixed steel reinforcement with his friends in the Hockley, Essex area in the late Seventies. Barry one day being the bright spark that he was decided to carry out the bending of the reinforcement on site himself. This he proceeded to do throughout the Eighties.

Kevin Childs and Colin Prior, both based at different reinforcing companies joined forces and worked their magic on this steel fixing firm in the late Eighties/early Nineties. Often mistaken for brothers, the dynamic duo, the twin towers (they are both 6’3”), invested vast amounts of time and money throughout the Nineties and the Noughties, turning Lemon into the brand we know today.

Lemon has a rich and varied history developing into all aspects of the groundwork Industry, moving way beyond its steel reinforcement origins, into the largest supplier of ground heave materials, offering a full range of reinforcing accessories, supplying domestic drainage, civil drainage, opening a state of the art prefabrication facility….. and there is more to come. Lemon is stronger than ever.

In an industry that has seen many a corporate takeover in recent years, Lemon has used its independence to surge forward establishing itself as a market leader for groundwork supply within the UK.

What will happen at Lemon in the future, nobody knows, but you can be assured its in your best interests to stay in touch.