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A comprehensive range of holding down bolts, complete with nut and plate washer are available. Generally used in Structural Steel applications.

Holding Down Bolts

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  1. Holding Down Bolts 8.8 Grade High Tensile

    The holding down bolt should be 50mm longer than the Waxed Cardboard Bolt Cone.

    Starting at: £5.10

  2. Waxed Cardboard Bolt Cones

    Bolt Cone needs to be 50mm shorter than the actual bolt

    Starting at: £0.70

  3. Bolt Cracker

    Guaranteed full movement inside the cone

    No damage to bolt head or thread during stripping stage

    No induced stress or failure to bolts

    Better quality, reduced time, increased productivity

    Easy to line steel frame

    Eliminates manual handling risks, noise, vibration and chemical contact contained within other options.

    Starting at: £140.00

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5 Item(s)