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Coryton Oil Refinery, Essex

A 10 year re development project of the Oil Refinery in Coryton, Essex

Charles Hendry, the oil minister, said motorists should “carry on their lives as normal” after the Coryton plant in Essex, which supplies a fifth of fuel in London and the South East, halted supplies when its Swiss-owned parent company went into administration.

Originally owned by BP, Petroplus purchased the refinery for £714 Million in 2007.

Lemon supply steel reinforcement, reinforcing mesh and accessories to the Refinery on a weekly basis, and have done so for over 10 years. Total deliveries now exceed 400 tonnes.

Coryton Oil Refinery, Essex
Coryton Oil Refinery, Essex
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Project Name

BP Coryton Oil Refinery

Project Brief

10 year Re Development Program

Our Part

Supplied over 400 tonnes Reinforcing Steel, Reinforcing Mesh and Accessories.

Products Supplied

Reinforcing Bar, A393, MO25, MF4050, DPM etc etc

Main Contractor