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Cellcore HX B

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Quick Overview

Cellcore HX B is designed for use beneath reinforced concrete ground beams and pile caps to protect against the potential effects of ground heave.

The product consists of a cellular construction of Expanded Polystyrene which has been designed, moulded and tested to tight tolerances to achieve the specified performance characteristics.


  • Reduces the upward force transmitted to the structure from ground heave
  • Wide range of profiles and grades to suit most applications
  • BBA certified
  • Meets the NHBC’s Technical Standards
  • Moulded production for enhanced and consistent performance
  • Available with integral permanent formwork
  • Patented Product Technology

The standard range of products are available in a variety of depths and grades to suit most commonly encountered combinations of soil heave potential and concrete depth. Variations of the product are also available for use under floor slabs or alternatively where permanent formwork is required.


  • The Cellcore HX B range is designed to protect reinforced concrete ground beams and pile caps from the upward forces associated with the effects of ground heave.
  • Not sure this product is right? Compare ground heave products
  • Firstly the depth of the Cellcore HX B panel should be determined by the heave potential of the soil.

Available Depths: 85mm, 155mm & 220mm

Available Widths: 300mm – 1200mm

Sheet Length: 2400mm.

Please note
Cellcore HX B – For Groundbeams
Cellcore HXS – For Slabs
Cellcore HX Plus – Where insulation is needed

Full BBA agrement & NHBC approval

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Cellcore HX B

220mm Cellcore HXB 13/18, 450mm x 2400mm

Cellcore HX B

220mm Cellcore HXB 13/18, 600mm x 2400mm

Cellcore HX B

220mm Cellcore HXB 18/24, 450mm x 2400mm

Cellcore HX B

220mm Cellcore HXB 18/24, 600mm x 2400mm

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Please contact us by either email at sales@lemon-gs.co.uk or call 01268 571571 and we will calculate your unique discount for larger quantities.


*Grade 13/18 Suitable for concrete groundbeams up to 460mm*
*Grade 18/24 Suitable for concrete groundbeams up to 660mm*

For ground beam protection under piled beams. Widths between 300mm and 1200mm, in 25mm increments. Other widths available.

450mm and 600mm available from stock. All other widths will be manufactured to order so please expect a slightly longer delivery time.

The new Cellcore HX range, designed after an extensive R&D program, alleviates the effects of ground movement on foundations. Cellcore HX works on the same design principles as standard Cellcore but provides a much improved performance. Cellcore HX is a fully moulded patented system


Firstly the depth of the Cellcore HX B panel should be determined by the heave potential of the soil, as detailed below:

Results of the soil analysis.  NHBC Cat.           Predicted ground movement or BRE/NHBC req.    Depth of cellcore HX required to achieve "Equiv.Void".

Plasticity Index                         Shrinkage Cat.       Void Dimension (mm)                                                       HX B (mm)

10-20                                          Low                                50                                                                                    85.

20-40                                         Medium                        100                                                                                  155.

40-60                                         High                              150                                                                                  220.

When the analysis exceeds 60 or a deeper void is required, please consult our Technical Team.

Secondly, the grade of the product is determined by the depth of the concrete to be cast on the Cellcore HX B,

as detailed below:

Grade 7/10. Safe Load (kN/m2) 7, Fail Load (kN/m2) 10, Maximum Concrete Depth 220 (mm)

Grade 9/13. Safe Load (kN/m2) 9. Fail Load (kN/m2) 13. Maximum Concrete Depth 300 (mm)

Grade 13/18. Safe Load (kN/m2) 13. Fail Load (kN/m2) 18. Maximum Concrete Depth 460 (mm)

Grade 18/24. Safe Load (kN/m2) 18. Fail Load (kN/m2) 24. Maximum Concrete Depth 660 (mm)

Grade 24/32. Safe Load (kN/m2) 24. Fail Load (kN/m2) 32. Maximum Concrete Depth 900 (mm)

** Based on the Eurocode and a live load allowance of 1.5kN/m2.

For concrete thicknesses between 900mm and 2000mm, further grades of Cellcore are available.

For further advice please contact our Technical Team on 01268-571571 or email us on sales@lemon-gs.co.uk

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  1. Good quality review by Sarah
    Product Rating

    Our drawings required Cellcore CC, but was advised by Lemon that that has been replaced with Cellcore HXB. Everything worked fine, its surprisingly strong for polystyrene.

  2. Much improved review by Stephen
    Product Rating

    The new Cellcore HXB is much better then the previous Cellcore. The older product (Type CC) was bits of polystyrene glued to the underside of the plastic, but it is now moulded as one section. This makes it much stronger, and when you cut it to length, it doesn't fall apart. I still think the product is expensive, but it is good quality.

  3. Easy to install review by Alistair
    Product Rating

    Easy to install and not affected by weather. We have used this product for over 15 years.

  4. Excellent product review by John
    Product Rating

    Excellent product for ground heave. Serves purpose well, and very established in the Industry.

  5. Simple but effective review by Brett
    Product Rating

    Simple but effective. Easy to use on site.

  6. Great product, looks good review by Jim
    Product Rating

    Great product, looks good, well presented. Easy to use

  7. Good Product review by David
    Product Rating

    Easy to install. Handy to have cut to width to the width of the trench saved me time

  8. Easy to use. review by Ann
    Product Rating

    5 star. Excellent. Easy to use.

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